Brazil x India

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GENETICS Brazil x India
VARIETY 50 % indica – 50 % sativa
FLOWERING TYPE Photoperiod Feminized
HEIGH PLANT 80 – 120 cm
YELD INDOOR 480 g/m2
YELD OUTDOOR 600 g/plant

*values may vary under certain circumstances

This very popular strain was brought by Sensation Seeds breeders. They took a clone of the white stem from the late 1990’s and resulted in this hybrid showing spectacularly productive and extremely relaxing smoke and a gorgeous flavor.

White Widow can be grown almost anywhere, even in the cold climate, and the yield is substantial.

Using an Elite Clone in 1997, Sensation Seeds presents not just another clone of the White Widow, but a hybrid with an excellent variety that is remarkable for a long range of qualities, among which we specify its spectacular resin production. When it comes to maturity, the brand of aromatic, whitish glistening crystals and its spectacular power will make you always want it!

The fact that you can cultivate it in cold environments makes White Widow a special weed, although the best yields are given when it is cultivated in a warm climate in the sun’s rays.

White Widow is a dominant indica (60%), robust plant, can be grown indoors (80-120 cm, 600W light) and outdoor (230 cm), blooming in 8-9 weeks is an excellent choice for all types of growers.

The fresh floral aroma with sweet notes and a pleasant fruit taste will give you an excellent physical effect and a deep relaxation.

Her medical qualities can help alleviate physical and psychological disorders such as pain relief, muscle tension, insomnia, stress and many other health conditions.