Innovative Packaging

The DAMARA SEED BANK offers you quality seeds in innovative packaging.
A package with an original design, elegant, lightweight, with a compact and reusable shape.
Printed in relief in different colors according to the variety.
But, above all, a functional package because it was designed to be effective in the preservation of content.

Packaging functionality

  • Externally sealed with a transparent film to create a first barrier to the air and prevent someone from opening the box.
  • An aluminum container with a screw cap to give resistance and protect the seeds in case of safety against knocks, sunrays and accidents.
  • Internal coating with heat insulating rubber to protect the content of heat sources and thermal changes, especially during transport, an important problem in the conservation of seeds.
  • Transparent mini envelope with airtight seal to further protect the seeds from moisture and avoid shaking the seed inside the box.