The import, possession and trade of the seeds are exempt from the regulation of the single Convention on Narcotic Drugs held in Vienna in 1961, which expressly excludes the seeds of the cannabis plant from hemp narcotics registration. However, the rules and laws relating to cannabis and hemp seeds often differ in each country. For this reason we recommend you to find out about the application of the rules concerning the possession and use of cannabis seeds. We provide a feminized cannabis seed only if the consumer declares that in his State of residence there is no legal prohibition or special permission to import and possess cannabis seeds, which are likely to generate, if cultivated, a high THC content. It is not allowed to distribute our cannabis seeds to countries that do not allow it. Damaraseeds.com sells its seeds exclusively for customers with over 18 years of age, provided that they are not used contrary to the laws they are subject and it rises from any liability for the inappropriate use of furnizados products. In many countries, growing Cannabis is forbidden if you do not have a license in possession. Seeds can be therefore be used exclusively for collectors and genetic preservation. The manufacturer and the Distributor are not responsible for illegal use by third parts of these collectors of seeds where it is permitted and must respect the laws of cannabis seed cultivation in the State where you reside. Any information contained on this website, in brochures, packaging and promotional material is only for educational and scientific purposes and not in any way encourage the use of illegal substances or to violate the law. The use and disclosure of such information is prohibited in countries where cannabis cultivation is prohibited. We don’t want in any way advertise or promote the production, possession and use of illegal substances