Damara Seed Bank

high quality of genetic seed

Research and evolution

First quality genetics


Control and selection

Innovative packaging

Damara, a seed bank created to provide a high quality of genetic seed to the passionate of cannabis. Our seeds are produced by expert growers, with excellent results. Healthy and strong, the seeds have a germination rate greater than 90% (under appropriate environmental conditions). The control and selection of the seeds are made manually, with the greatest care, while checking the absence of anomalies and by making quality tests.

The thermo insulated aluminum packaging is equipped with an additional hermetic bag in which the seeds are inserted, designed to always guarantee the best, to preserve the quality and protect them from moisture, light and temperature variation.The packaging and storage process takes place in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

The seeds are available in sealed packages of 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100.

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The available varieties are all feminized but there are also versions of autoflowering and the ones rich in CBD. We have a large type of indica, sativa and hybrid genetics with different levels of THC. Each variety produces terpenes and flavonoids that emit different flavors and fragrances to satisfy all tastes.

The DAMARA SEED BANK is composed by a team of experts whom have been dedicated to the world and innovation of cannabis for many years, with professional breeders, very cautious to obtain reliable seeds with a high-performance which guarantee a succesful result.

A seed bank that is constantly looking and searching for new selections to give even more robust plants, which will give abundant fruits with a strong quality.Our experts also select the most suitable genetics for medicinal purposes that are equally rich in THC but also in CBD, CBC, CBN, terpenes and flovonoids because the future of cannabis is mainly aimed at the therapeutic field.