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Feminized Seeds

All the female plants will be born from the seeds of this cannabis variety and will be developed according to the photoperiod. They will begin to bloom when the dark hours reach 12 hours during the day. They are plants with a long life cycle, 3-4 months indoors and 6-8 months outdoors, but they give abundant and quality crops.

Autoflowering Seeds

By crossing a genus of Ruderalis cannabis, feminized seeds are obtained that have a very short growth cycle that is not conditioned by the photoperiod. Approximately 60-70 days pass from sowing to harvest. The plants will remain low and the yield will be much lower than a classic feminised variety.

CBD Seeds

They are seeds that generate plants with a high CBD cannabinoid content and a low THC content. The ongoing research for CBD is bringing to light these new genetics that are very useful in medicine.

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There are many factors that characterize a variety of cannabis.
The indica and sativa varieties are two major categories, with substantial differences in the morphology of the plant, in the forms of the leaves, in the consistency of the flowers and in the psychoactive effects of their active ingredients.
The plants belonging to these two categories have the capacity to adapt to very different environmental conditions and the crossing of these two types leads to obtain varieties of hybrid strains, with unique qualities for each different type. This evolution and research on the new genetics, always brings more and more knowledge about cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, especially useful in the therapeutic field.

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica has origins in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Northern India, Tibet and Nepal. The plants are low, compact and robust, with dense and heavy flowers, grouped around the knots of the trunks and branches. The leaves are large in the form of squatting. Suitable for indoor growing, Indica varieties have a short flowering period, between 50 and 60 days. The combination of cannabinoids THC-CBD causes a “stone” effect, body, relaxing both physically and mentally.

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa originates in Thailand, South India, Jamaica, Mexico and Brazil.The plants can reach the height of 5 meters, are slender with thin leaves, have distant large internodes, soft flowers that develop along the branch.Sativa varieties are normally grown outdoors and need 60 to 90 days to complete the flowering. The particular “high” effect of sative is cerebral, energetic, creative, euphoric and generally does not cause drowsiness.

Cannabis Hybrid

The crosses between the indica and sativa varieties produce hybrid plants, each of them has characteristics of both genetics. When you get the fruits of hybrid cannabis you get so many combinations of active ingredients, effects and aromas.